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Experience the healing power of therapeutic touch with amazing techniques designed to restore functionality and relieve pain. Walk taller and function better through FACILITATED  PATHWAYS INTERVENTION, gain  more fluidity and ease of  movement with MYOSKELETAL ALIGNMENT, alleviate painful headaches and improve breathing via CRANIOSOMATIC INTEGRATION.

Our experts find the source and resolve the issues resulting from misaligned bone structures, tightened muscles and damaged soft tissues.  Leverage MEDICAL MASSAGE with STI or RUSSIAN SPORTS MASSAGE  to uniquely treat affected areas for restoring the body to a better state of functioning and performance.  And now, patients suffering skin issues as a result of oncology treatments find relief and restoration with specialized ONCOLOGY SKINCARE.  Explore our services  below to see how you can find healing and comfort today.

Facilitated Pathways Intervention

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21st century solution tochronic pain, restricted mobility, and other problems through neurological pathways associated with muscles to the brain.

Myoskeletal Alignment

myoskeletal imageIn a session of the MYOSKELETAL ALIGNMENT technique, the practitioner works to lengthen tight, strained muscles with the goal of releasing tension and allowing those muscles to function more normally. At the same time, weak muscles are encouraged to grow stronger with the use of gentle, focused stretches which work those muscles. The muscles and fascia will also be manipulated to release pain and to encourage proper musculoskeletal alignment.

CranioSomatic Integration

cranio imageCRANIOSOMATIC INTEGRATION is a unique therapeutic modality developed by Dr. Dallas Hancock that utilizes a series of direct cranial techniques to release primary cranial patterns and the related somatic dysfunctions. This therapy also has long term and lasting corrections that allow the body to achieve a new level of postural balance and musculoskeletal relaxation.

Oncology Skincare

oncology imageOCOLOGY SKINCARE does more than treat dehydrated and sensitive skin due to chemotherapy; it is highly specialized care for dealing with the many other effects of cancer treatment, including sensitive lymph nodes, compromised tissue integrity, blood cell counts and sometimes the risk of blood clots. Understanding the type of treatment and resulting symptoms is key to the gentle touch and expertise used to help renew skin and restore feeling.

Medical Massage with STI

sti imageThese proven  MEDICAL MASSAGE protocols were taught to Jo Bellow by Dr. Ross Turchaninov, the author of medical massage and therapeutic massage. Medical massage emerged from medical communities within Germany, Russia, Austria, Sweden, France, England and United States. Extensive research and clinical trials back this respected modality.

Russian Sports Massage

russian imageDeveloped in the former Soviet Union, RUSSIAN SPORTS MASSAGE is a system of therapeutic and sports massage. A variety of manipulations of the body’s soft tissues are used to achieve benefits, including stress reduction and relief from muscle aches.  Russian Sports Massage is considered less invasive and more relaxing than many other forms of massage therapy based on the fact that it uses four principal techniques including: petrissage, effleurage, friction and vibration.

There are many benefits of RUSSIAN SPORTS MASSAGE including the relief of symptoms associated with asthma, insomnia, arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip sprains and strains, rotator cuff injuries, myofascial pain, TMJ problems, headache, constipation and immune function disorders. In Russia massage therapists are regarded as medical professionals and the massage therapy departments in Russian hospitals are often the largest as it is crucial to rehabilitation. Patients describe it as “waking up” both body and mind. It has been used to increase circulation of blood and lymphatic flow, to stimulate production of endorphins, control physical and mental stress, and to increase range of movement. RUSSIAN MASSAGE is considered especially suitable for seniors.

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